This is a place for previewing the CD-ROM workshops and other productions created by David Page Coffin and his talented and accomplished friends. Video excerpts and previews from completed and forthcoming CD-ROMs will be collected here, along with details about the format, usage and creation of rich-media pdfs, David’s chosen delivery medium for these intensive, interactive video and text-based workshops and demonstrations. Questions and comments very much welcome!
Thanks for joining us.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Abstract Fabric Collage CD Released

Kayla Kennington and I are happy to announce the release of the latest Virtual Workshop CD, Abstract Fabric Collage:

Featuring complete and detailed video instruction on all the techniques and tips that Kayla has developed over her many years of working with fabric collage, Abstract Fabric Collage contains:

* Over an hour of no-fluff video demonstration

* An extensive gallery of finished, in-progress, and student collages and collage projects

* Pattern-style directions for an easy-to-make collage purse

* A complete supply listing and process summary, also available in an easy-to-print format, which includes the project pattern and all contact info.

Like my other Virtual Workshops, Abstract Fabric Collage is a full-color interactive pdf document with embedded video clips for easy viewing on any Mac or Windows computer, not in a DVD player or on TV. Full directions for using the CD are of course included, and access to both myself and Kayla for help with any issues, about either the disk or the collage process, is only an email or phone call away.

Abstract Fabric Collage is US$45.00. It can be ordered directly from this site by clicking the button below (credit cards accepted and shipping worldwide included), or at Kayla's Web site, www.kaylakennington.com.
We hope you'll like it!

Monday, April 6, 2009

DPC's new book: Production's finished!

Everything's finalized and off to the publisher, so the previews can begin.

To see a video preview of the DVD that'll be included with the book, visit Making Trousers: The DVD.

For more details and an active blog about the project, visit DPC on Making Trousers.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Shaeffer Collection Volume One: CHANEL

At long last I'm ready to unveil my most recent project:
Behind The Seams: The Shaeffer Collection Volume One: CHANEL



This is a CD-based album exploring Claire Shaeffer's wonderful collection of Chanel garments, inside and out. I doubt there's ever been such an extensive collection of full-garment and close-up, full-color photos—over 730 images—detailing the work and influence of a single designer, so readily available; all thanks to the wonders of the pdf format. It's been quite a mammoth task, shooting, editing pix and commentary, designing, building… But it's nearing completion, and I'm ready to start sharing previews. So, herewith some screen shots and some links, including this one that will download a 12MB PDF with working navigation, and some example slide collections.

If you've ever wondered what all the fuss was about regarding couture garment-making, prepare to be amazed at the astonishing skills and efforts that emerged from the Chanel workrooms. Each pdf page is 11x17 inches at 100%, so the slides can be zoomed in on for great detail. The couture blouses are particularly spectacular!


Both the Preview and the Final Version (due in the next couple of weeks) REQUIRE the use of Adobe Reader 9, the current version, to see the photos, so be sure you've got this version installed before you open the preview. Click above to get it…

I'll be updating here as Claire sorts out how she'll handle sales, but it'll be available as a physical disk, not a download, and will cost $40, plus a modest shipping charge.

Enjoy! And a Happy New Year to all…

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Making Neckties At Home

Quite a few people have indicated that they want to make ties for the coming holiday season, so I've decided to offer a simple scan of my original self-published booklet, in all it's typewritten and hand-drawn B&W glory.

So, here's my current offer:

Custom Making Neckties at Home, $8US for a downloadable pdf scan of the original work, circa 1985.

Payable via Paypal to me at dpcoffin@earthlink.net, or via the button below.

It's a high-res. pdf, so it can be easily printed if you like; pages 14 and 15 in particular (the guide drawings for the tip lining technique) would be good to print so you can have them handy while you're doing that step.

There's some links at right to previews and some sources.

I should point out that the jewel of the book is this technique for machine-lining the tips so that the lining is inset a good 1/4-inch from the edges of the tie, as seen in all commercial ties, and as described in NONE of the printed material on home-made ties for consumers that I've ever seen. Except, that is, for the article I wrote on tie-making in Threads Magazine issue #27, now OOP but certainly still available from resellers and public libraries, which may be all you want or need.

My booklet describes every aspect of tie-making and offers many variations appropriate for home sewers who may be limited to, or prefer, non-typical fabrics and techniques that don't require any practice to master. It includes directions for making simple, essential tools such as cardboard forms for shaping the tie while pressing and sewing, and cardboard cutting and previewing templates. It's arranged in the following sections:


Why Necktie Fabric Is So Hard to Find

Suitable Fabrics, Outer and Inner

Making a Tie Pattern

Construction Variations

Construction Steps

Techniques in Detail

Advanced Tie Construction (The 7-Fold Tie)

Useful Tools and Materials

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Silk Experience: Coloring Silk Scarves

Here's the first in a series of clips about the CD series I've been making for Maggie Backman and her friends; they're mostly surface-design titles. These are walk-throughs of the CD interface and all the non-video contents, rather than just video excerpts, so these will be useful to see if you're wondering what the CDs are like, rather than just what the videos look like. Comments welcome!