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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Abstract Fabric Collage CD Released

Kayla Kennington and I are happy to announce the release of the latest Virtual Workshop CD, Abstract Fabric Collage:

Featuring complete and detailed video instruction on all the techniques and tips that Kayla has developed over her many years of working with fabric collage, Abstract Fabric Collage contains:

* Over an hour of no-fluff video demonstration

* An extensive gallery of finished, in-progress, and student collages and collage projects

* Pattern-style directions for an easy-to-make collage purse

* A complete supply listing and process summary, also available in an easy-to-print format, which includes the project pattern and all contact info.

Like my other Virtual Workshops, Abstract Fabric Collage is a full-color interactive pdf document with embedded video clips for easy viewing on any Mac or Windows computer, not in a DVD player or on TV. Full directions for using the CD are of course included, and access to both myself and Kayla for help with any issues, about either the disk or the collage process, is only an email or phone call away.

Abstract Fabric Collage is US$45.00. It can be ordered directly from this site by clicking the button below (credit cards accepted and shipping worldwide included), or at Kayla's Web site, www.kaylakennington.com.
We hope you'll like it!


Angela Rudge said...

Oh damn! I want to purchase but I only have tv and tablet!!!

Angela Rudge said...

Thank you. My email address is ancarrud14@gmail.com

fiber art said...

is this available as a download?

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