This is a place for previewing the CD-ROM workshops and other productions created by David Page Coffin and his talented and accomplished friends. Video excerpts and previews from completed and forthcoming CD-ROMs will be collected here, along with details about the format, usage and creation of rich-media pdfs, David’s chosen delivery medium for these intensive, interactive video and text-based workshops and demonstrations. Questions and comments very much welcome!
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Silk Experience: Coloring Silk Scarves

Here's the first in a series of clips about the CD series I've been making for Maggie Backman and her friends; they're mostly surface-design titles. These are walk-throughs of the CD interface and all the non-video contents, rather than just video excerpts, so these will be useful to see if you're wondering what the CDs are like, rather than just what the videos look like. Comments welcome!

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