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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Making Neckties At Home

Quite a few people have indicated that they want to make ties for the coming holiday season, so I've decided to offer a simple scan of my original self-published booklet, in all it's typewritten and hand-drawn B&W glory.

So, here's my current offer:

Custom Making Neckties at Home, $8US for a downloadable pdf scan of the original work, circa 1985.

Payable via Paypal to me at dpcoffin@earthlink.net, or via the button below.

It's a high-res. pdf, so it can be easily printed if you like; pages 14 and 15 in particular (the guide drawings for the tip lining technique) would be good to print so you can have them handy while you're doing that step.

There's some links at right to previews and some sources.

I should point out that the jewel of the book is this technique for machine-lining the tips so that the lining is inset a good 1/4-inch from the edges of the tie, as seen in all commercial ties, and as described in NONE of the printed material on home-made ties for consumers that I've ever seen. Except, that is, for the article I wrote on tie-making in Threads Magazine issue #27, now OOP but certainly still available from resellers and public libraries, which may be all you want or need.

My booklet describes every aspect of tie-making and offers many variations appropriate for home sewers who may be limited to, or prefer, non-typical fabrics and techniques that don't require any practice to master. It includes directions for making simple, essential tools such as cardboard forms for shaping the tie while pressing and sewing, and cardboard cutting and previewing templates. It's arranged in the following sections:


Why Necktie Fabric Is So Hard to Find

Suitable Fabrics, Outer and Inner

Making a Tie Pattern

Construction Variations

Construction Steps

Techniques in Detail

Advanced Tie Construction (The 7-Fold Tie)

Useful Tools and Materials


Ann Made Studio said...

This sounds like a must have for making ties. Thank you for offering it now. Look forward to receiving my copy :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the neck tie making PDF, a fantastic tutorial.

Marie-Noƫlle said...

Hello David
Hope you'll read my comment soon
I used the paypal button
to get the necktie pdf but though they told me it was ok I don't know how to download the pdf
Am I a dummy or what ????

WandarArt.Stitch said...

Thank you for you beautiful website , interesting, and more.....,
Best wishes,

John Yingling said...

David, it's about time someone put a professional level summary of how to sew mens ties. The machine method for joining the lining to the shell and creating a 1/4" border is quite simple when explained, but is visible to anyone who likes to dissect clothing. A frugal tip, no need to purchase interfacing at 10 bucks a yard, just get some thrift store ties as cheaply as possible, take them apart and recycle the interfacing. Congrats on a job well done.

Kelsey said...

Hey, I'm really interested in your necktie PDF. I can't seem to find any of the information I'm looking for anywhere else online. Is this still available?

Anonymous said...

Where can i Buy this booklet? It seems the link no longer works.


David Page Coffin said...

The link should be working now; please let me know if it isn't!


David Page Coffin said...

FYI, when you purchase the booklet, PayPal sends me an email, to which I respond with the download link; it's not automatic, but usually there's little or no delay, unless I happen to be asleep or otherwise not at the computer when the email arrives. If you'd prefer to email me directly first, just check my profile for my email address.

Anonymous said...


purchased more than a month, and still yet, i did not receive a link
please advise

kind regards


Anonymous said...

Do you still sell the actual book? I would be interested in purchasing that.

Anonymous said...

Hi! is this book still available?


Dr Bat said...

is this still available? i will buy if it is...

Anonymous said...

Following through to purchase worked recently for me! Joyce

David Page Coffin said...

Not to worry! This booklet is still available; your download link will be sent as soon as I receive the PayPal notification, which may take a few hours if I'm asleep or away from my computer.


David Coffin

federico juvara said...

Hi, is this book still available? if it is i'll buy it...

Carolyn said...

The Custom Making Neckties at Home booklet is awesome. I have search far and wide to find info on how to do the tipping. 'Similar to my devised method, but so much easier. Thanks for the printed tutorial. This has made my prototype work much easier.

Jon said...

David, I've purchased a pdf copy and am eager to receive it. When should I expect the pdf to arrive via email?

Susan Meredith said...

Hello Mr. Coffin,
I just used PayPal to purchase your PDF book on making neckties, but I didn't receive a link for a download or any indication of how the file will be delivered. Is it emailed?.... I hope.
Thank you, Susan

Unknown said...

Well I downloaded the booklet and it's not even worth the $10cdn that I paid.
I really thought it included pattern especially for the seven fold tie
Thanks for sending me links again no pattern

Unknown said...

I payed through paypal, but I can't find a way to download the PDF. Please help.

Unknown said...

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Aaron said...

Hi does this book have the sketch to do a 7-fold tie?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I ordered the book this morning (paid via Paypal) and have not yet received the book. Is there anything more I can/should do to obtain it ASAP?

Any input is appreciated.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hello, It has been several days and I've received no reply. I feel I need to contact my CC company and stop payment. I do not want to do that. Please let me know ASAP how to obtain the book.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Is this book still available? Thanks